Don Roff


Selected Works

YA Fiction
Five living dead tales of dread, suspense, and even pathos will keep the pages turning.
five night-stalking tales
Five blood-sucking stories!
Five nerve-wracking tales!
Five true stories of suspense!
Five thrilling tales of dragons!
Five hair-raising yarns!
Five spellbinding stories!
Illustrated fiction
Field notes by Dr. Robert Twombly


“Don Roff is an extraordinary writer, the uncommon male author who imbues his work with a sincerity and emotional honesty defying his gender. Regardless of genre, Don lends a credible reality to all forms in addition to his empathetic take on all his characters which, from a film standpoint, ranks him as an anachronistic hybrid of Capra and Lucas. I am always eager to read Don's works and am always unsurprised by his continued success.”

~Warren Etheredge, Founder/​Host, The Warren Report

“Don has creativity flowing through him. Great ideas spring forth from him and his productivity is prodigious. Not to mention he's an all-around sunny character that brings great cheer to any work environment.”

~Ryan Hobson, Illustrator/​Designer, Ryan Hobson (dot) com

“I’ve worked with Don on multiple projects and have always been extremely pleased with the quality of his work. Whether ghost writing entire novels, writing marketing materials, or simply editing others work, Don consistently exceeds my expectations and always comes in under deadline. I highly recommend Don for editing, writing, or PR work.”

~Kristen Morris, Owner, Tigress Publishing

“I can't say enough good things about the work that Don has done for my company. His incredible base of knowledge and talent is a dream come true for a producer. I am able to collaborate on the development of projects and stand back and allow Don to work his magic, without fear of unmet deadlines or sub-standard work. His ability to self-motivate is a great time and stress-saver when developing projects. Whether the property is his concept or something presented to him, he brings the same level of integrity to the project. I've been working with Don for many years now and the only thing that has changed about him is that he gets even better.”

~Jason Francois, Owner/​Producer/​Director, Black Suit Studios